Exciting Arts and Crafts for the Entire Family

This video is a treasure trove for those who love toy miniatures! In this video for kids, you can find many amazing and innovative ideas that will surprise you. You won't need any special material for these jobs - just some common things that are probably already there in your home. Take a look at them and don't forget to tell us there in the comments, which crafts you liked the most.

First of all we have an amazing and insanely cute toy miniature - you can make little structures to play with or just decorate your apartment with them. The first manual art is a mini bench made with sticks and glue. Then comes a beautiful craft from a basket - it will always remind you of those beautiful summer days. Another beautiful job for children is a toy door (as appropriate, could it be a door to a fairy tale Remember the movie Alice in Wonderland). A cuter idea is to make your home garden winter zen and a toy sled.

If you have a few seashells left over from your vacation, it's time to use them - you can make a super cute waterfall using each one. All you need is your imagination. If you cut a piece of wood into equal pieces and put them together like we did here - 3:22, you'll make a really cute bridge.

An empty detergent bottle and a handful of stones can become a house for an elf.

The following job is really hilarious! You can try making a moving caterpillar. It's colorful and bright, and it looks like a real bug! Ew! You can play games using this hilarious trick.

Watch this video all the way through and find many more tricks (SPOILER: Dinosaur lovers may find it especially interesting).


00:56 - Toy Door
03:57 - A very cute toy house in an empty bottle
07:59 - A dragon egg
12:21 - A homemade notepad

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